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My only hope is to preserve you in my thought

For no novel or poem could depict the beauty caught

To look deep into rings of big brown iris

To dance with you in beautiful Buenos Aires

Your honey breath still infects my nose

From your kiss my cheek brightly glows

Your presence in Africa has made my stay worthwhile

Your singers silver tongue has caused my eternal smile.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

Note attached to the poem:

My silence was due to my awe of what a wonderful person you are, it left me in a state of mind where I couldn’t think, I was useless for days after you left, for I had been swept off my feet, by a tempest of such amazing sound and beauty. Thank you for letting me experience your celestial tunes and ever essence.

*A chance to dream, to feel romantic pain, one could say the tragedy was our lack of time, but you have never left my mind.

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Come, come with me

To a far, far better place

Tulips bring ecstacy

Lust expanded is grace

In the dark city

Flower’s bed, they sow

Sins good and dirty

Sickly they bow

Roots whithering and dry

For they don’t know

All these bed’s do die

Put their needs aside

Protection, money, love

The casual suicide

Do we have enough?

Ryan Anthony Gibson, South Africa March 10th 1998

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Crawling through the midnight,

Howling pierces ear,

Eyes in the moonlight,

Wires everywhere,

Prawling through the shadows,

Murmers from afar,

Dashing through the homelands

Home is still quite far

A screach owl dives towards me,

Death is in her claws,

Attacker that lurks above,

One could now forsee,

How dead I truly was

Men forget morals

We mate without a cause

Soon to be crushed

These mortal flaws

No one to protect us

The world is at loss

By Ryan Athony Gibson 1994

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Darkended Breath

Calling in the darkness was the voice,

Crying and a young child’s scream

From the idle thought we see

The city torn and crumbled

The foggy eyes of dead infants

Slew carelessly on the streets

Then we watch a simple particle

Floating through the air

Towards the blackened faces of despair

Where planes fell from the sky

The faces just before death

An A-bomb blast

Wheezing out a diseased last breath

Whirling hurricane passes through the mind

Images to radical to be a dream

An epiphany, although ambigious

Of the end of the world

Chest tightens and lungs vacant

The need to cry, the fear

Where our body shivers

In the chill of knowing

By Ryan Anthony Gibson, 1997, Published in the Anthology of North American Poets

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The Orchard of Unity

The old man walked deep into his orchard,

With his son and grandson,

It was a family ritual that occurred,

Through every generation from fathers to sons,

They carried with them a developing peach tree,

That signified the birth and growth of the child,

For each boy in their family was given this immortality,

So that after death they could provide for their family,

Quietly they sauntered down a path surrounded by

Memories of past time and the completion of offerings from fathers to sons

Where Grandfather stopped to rest at his withered old tree where you could see

There was a passage finely carved from the old man to a certain lady which read:


In this orchard we meet to find a love so sweet

Well away from the city so our hearts can be free

In these surrounding trees we will be in Unity,

Continuously living happily – Forever just you and me


The old man gazed at the distant passion where he closed his eyes with affection,

And proclaimed:


It was noon like this day, but the sun began to fade away, where in the autumn’s dimming rays a beautiful girl meandered happy and gay,

Her innocence stole my voice away so that I didn’t know what to say

As her stare bore through my soul with compassion and care,

And she murmured to me, “Has life been fair?”

I replied with conviction, “Only if I can have your devotion to love

For you dance like a butterfly lifting my heart higher above

She looked at me and her emotions climaxed as I kissed her cheek and whispered facts

Of life, love, and ecstasy, of commitment

And from my words flowed an arrangement

Of oaths of time’s sensuous phrases as they where overpowered by long unifying gazes,

And this moment together soon stretched into years,

Where together we faced all of life’s different fears

And soon she bore a child which was truly a mirror

Of the care the two lovers had developed and shared,

We were married the night of God’s contribution

Of a baby boy who could see his parents holy union

And the boy modeled their love, emotions, and strife, and soon found a loving wife

Where together they too brought forth a life.

Now this brings us to you my boy, a splitting image of the real McCoy

And now we must do what we came here for, what we’ve done with all sons before,

One’s offering of life’s gift in the shape of a tree,

Where the same will happen for you when you have a baby.


The curious boy looked up and asked “Where will we be beginning this task,

The planting of the tree that reflects the past

And defines how long life truly lasts

The father looked deep into his eyes and said with an abundance of pride,


“My boy it is were we now stand for someday this will be your land,

So together as the three found the sapling’s plot and host,

They blessed it to be shined on by the father, son, and holy ghost,

To gaze at it peacefully and admire,

The fulfillment of another son’s accomplished desires.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson, May 18th 1995

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Can you feel the tension

And confusion

Because someone is telling lies,

Maybe they are hiding

It’s something in their eyes

But they’re looking at you

Because they want to, painfully,

And you do not understand why,

Why they can’t tell you,

Or what they can’t do,

And all you need is a reply

As your breathes get quicker

And tears thicker

As you both begin to cry

This hollow sobbing

And whimpering

Lets you know it won’t blow by,

Knowing it could be over,

And forever,

Without anymore ties.

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Orchestra of the Sea

On the shore I could see,

The beautiful debris

That chattered pleasantly

In the waves of the sea


As if they were scattered

Across the land

Some were tattered

And grinded into sand


Although others shined

In the bright noon sun

Here I could find

The most beautiful one


A pearly pink shell

That I put in my palm

Its beauty made my heart swell

And the world seemed calm


Its beauty reminded me of

A petit little old lady

That truly loved, provoked memory

Who sang to me as a baby


She used to sing

To me when night came near

And to my ear I put the pearly thing

And the music again I did hear


Soft whispering Lula bye

That soothed a baby’s cry

Trapped in this shell

Where in my pocket it fell,


For now the songs will never cease,

Hidden away were the memories of peace,

Pour toujour j’ecouterai,

With me she will be for the rest of my days.

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To Eva Tekeres 1996

My feelings are unavoidable,

Like darkness is when there is no light,

Its there as an ethereal connection to my life,

These feelings are so obvious to me,

When I close my eyes and look into the darkness,

And the feelings, the images, the emotion,

Pours out, and then I see your face,

And nothing else exists except you

I scour my mind through the blackness without you but

I keep coming back to you,

Because all I want is you,

If I didn’t my life would be doomed to wallow

In shades of the past and dreams that disappear into

The darkness, like the world does when you’ve stared,

At a beautiful beaming light for so long,

And to look away is to see nothing, to turn off.

If I have done something wrong it is because I was keeping the light on within you for me,

I need your light to fill me with love,

But if I can’t see the light,

At least let me know it hasn’t disappeared into the darkness

For my life is grimly potent and potent grimly

For existing in a blind abyss is non existence,

Without your brown hair and silky hands to hold me from falling.

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My love for her, February 19th 1995 12:00 am

My love for her,

Cannot be discussed,

In words but only,

In my deepest thoughts,

Where someday we’ll journey,

Together in reality,

As did the true love,

Of the Renaissance.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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Memorable Diary Entry

I’ve waited long to hear my love to tell me that she loves me, and last night as 12:30 midnight January 29th 1995, Sabrina Hunter said to me “I love you.”

How love twists you inside out and springs such beautiful clothing from ones closet.

The felling of losing someone you love dives deep into your heart and her power pulls tears from my abyss of youthful manliness, and I truly fear that if she were to hurt me I would die of starvation from the scarcity of love and affection that I so with to consume.

Sabrina is the most important part of my life right now, she is exactly who I dreamed of meeting, she’s affectionate, lovely, and tries hard not to control me too much. No matter what I’ll love her forever, if I shall never love another.

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