My only hope is to preserve you in my thought

For no novel or poem could depict the beauty caught

To look deep into rings of big brown iris

To dance with you in beautiful Buenos Aires

Your honey breath still infects my nose

From your kiss my cheek brightly glows

Your presence in Africa has made my stay worthwhile

Your singers silver tongue has caused my eternal smile.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

Note attached to the poem:

My silence was due to my awe of what a wonderful person you are, it left me in a state of mind where I couldn’t think, I was useless for days after you left, for I had been swept off my feet, by a tempest of such amazing sound and beauty. Thank you for letting me experience your celestial tunes and ever essence.

*A chance to dream, to feel romantic pain, one could say the tragedy was our lack of time, but you have never left my mind.

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