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What began some would say was nothing, but it was origin,

Cosmic chemicals, forces, and thoughts that still spin,

A being, a thought, a god, a name all of the same,

For the great happening, revelation that came,

Origin of all origins, no words, no gravity, one law,

To float, collide, attract, and spin, the universal awe,

The source of all will, for there was no will to do anything,

And I believe that to be a great will to you I bring,

Such importance on the will to do something, to will,

But the very purpose of thought this does eventually kill,

For we create, become complex, engrossed in technology,

So young are we to think these are the answers, my apology,

And what gravity that weighs down on us from words,

Commissioners’ of words, cattle our minds like herds,

Government, Religion, Law, words of intelligent and absurd,

Or secret cultures, storing secrets, waiting for the third,

All this thought whereby they evolve in the wrong direction,

For it comes back to the origin, no thought, the correction.

And for this I throw down with words, and with you,

Expand your mind to the point of nothing, origin…true.

I misstate however that anyone could go in the wrong way,

Because infinity is where we perpetually all go some day.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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Even Zeus by Ryan Anthony Gibson

Even Zeus gets taken apart in the sky,

And put together elsewhere for anothers eye,

Sometimes it takes powers like the moving of stars,

To show short lived victories of words and wars.

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I spent several moments in Lake Gatun,

Looking up to the starry sky alone,

As others began to gather around the water and come in,

I find myself again expressing thoughts to stranger and friend,

“I look up at the sky and like the stars,

I realize we are in a unique moment,

if not just for that varying point in time,

and with a camera for an eye I captured the image of the stars,

as I have captured an image of you,

Held together for a brief moment,

By the powers of the Universe,

Stars and people,

With the only difference,

Our life is faster and shorter in essence,

But sometimes the same in a moment.”

By Ryan Anthony Gibson, written on Lake Gatun

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One day you will say,

I remember all of the ways,

We traveled back and forth all day,

From Canada, Africa, Spain our stays…

Sometimes a month, sometimes a week,

Petting lions, fishing in a creek,

Climbing all the tallest mountains,

Watching light shows in water fountains,

Drawing barbie with paper and pen,

Having fun with all we did just then,

But most important we never did complain,

For we sleep until we see each other again.

Love Daddy, to Cala

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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The Writing Seed

When I am alone I think of you

And write in my little book

So later you can view

All the thoughts it took

For me to express myself

For you to put on yourshelf

So some day when you can read

I will have planted the writing seed

So inside you these thoughts will grow

And you can write them in nice straight rows,

All your thoughts you have for me,

So some day I will read them and see.

To Cala love Daddy…

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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About Praise By Ryan Anthony Gibson

And so I have been told, praise is beautiful when you’re getting it, ugly when its taken back or others are getting it, unless you can honestly praise them and in doing that, you can praise yourself.

Ryan Anthony Gibson

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Generally speaking someone would have to ask why would you want to be with me…

Often the question is asked after you are with the person, no, everytime after the fact,

For all of this time, you have only a handful of good reasons,

I love you, but why, why, why do we not know yet why.

And so you run until you get tired of me chasing you,

And maybe I just like to run to, so somehow we are together,

Running, but that is no explanation of what is love between us.

Ryan Anthony Gibson

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The beginning is always the hardest part of my life to discuss, for I didn’t have any words to describe it then, and I don’t have them now. Some may call it molecular, some may call it ethereal, some may even go so far as to call it conception, which is closer to where I began, the concept part.

I suppose my journey that I have gone on freely to begin this concept of me, came much before, back to the real beginning. And so as it was told to me, there was once a time when the world did not exist, and there seemed to be nothing but Origin, if one could imagine origin as something. It really had no word for it, because no words existed, and had never been there before, but through divine circumstance the laws of nature procured a thought that changed the empty space and speckled the Universe from Origin. Most don’t realise, but Origin was actually not a thing, Origin was a being. Origin possessed the gift of attraction, and pulled together all of the matter necessary to make what is now. This was just a thought for this empowered being, which we will for the short case call “O”.

When “O” began the world, one of the many inventions that came from the master artist, it was just that, a piece of art. No description was necessary or possible for the extraordinary creations. The masterpiece continued to grow in a chain reaction expanding over several worlds, and before long, there were many worlds, many attractions, many gifted places or many new Origins’s. Quantum by nature, there was no measurement of time or space, truly all just “was”.

In the space and matter that “was”, there began a planet unto itself which is where I began many lifetimes later. This world like the beauty of the space that “was”, had many new beings that came from “O”, and lived and died, and grew. A great deal of time surpassed here, and creatures, rocks, life, objects, all became something on this planet, where no words were exchanged, just them being, like the space that “was”.  The creatures roamed the earth, some within their space, some within others, but they managed to navigate their own way like the celestial ancestors and cousins of “was” that remained all around them.  I asked “O” once what it was like back then, and the response was

“Even then, I had an appreciation of what it was, and how it would continue to be, just being. There was nothing to wait for, nothing to anticipate, it just was. Everything still had attraction, but it was not a reason, as attraction is reasoned today, it was simply part of what was, and all was part of its Origin as much as we are all a part of what was.”

It was in such a conversation that I realized the Origin of what was, and how to just be, and the meaning and origin of Free Will in being, the source of such a will.

excerpt from Ryan Anthony Gibson, Free Will Academy, Like Any Other Book You Have Read- full of letters and words.

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I am working on a really complicated transdimensional affirmation of the writing kind on was and origin. I suggest we plan something soon… because I am not to sure when they might come from the skys and take me for publishing such thoughts in word that was and origin prefer there be no description for. I have had a few discussions with Origin, and there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel if I keep writing, but I have been told I am on shaky grounds and could potentially risk the loss of my mind.

– the first post on the beginnings of writing on Origin and the creation of the Freewill Academy. Keep posted.


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CODE IS POETRY By Ryan Anthony Gibson

In words, letters, scattered for reason

And reason often completely scattered,

Whereby lines command cohesion,

A word pressed until it feels shattered,

Down to its function and feeling, action,

So provokes the next subtle reaction,

Until we find a trillion pages of code,

The world in its most poetic mode.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

To all those who know that code is poetry, dedicated to, thank you for being a major part of the worlds poetic mode and the poetry of code.

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