Poem 1

Your aura was the first I saw

Full of flowers, especially the rose

Even in the night pedals bloom in awe

To move my hand in the air, open and close

As to attempt to feel the presence

The majestic and unordinary essence

Of pure unhindered sunshine

A star in the eye of mine

Which always remains

In sight but out of touch

Poem 2

I proposed marriage to the air last night

For your essence lingered afloat in passing

As for a moment I could grasp a bushel

Of pure essence of love in your fragrance

Where the ethereal takes some physical form

Materialized by genius of being

A mist of casual release

That in a failed attempt to bind I asked

Would you stay with me forever

Which only left me a faint trail to follow

Poem 3

What lines of love I carry across the earth

And songs I sing and praise of love in Johannesburg

The places I have seen far less entice

Then her curves, her mountains, valleys, and springs,

Dark natural beauty, the source of beginnings,

I place my heart and faith in your city

Which so designed has taken all I have to spend

And all I have to give

In return, I can hold onto its jewel

Far more precious than rare metals of a star

Shining with greatness so as one can see from afar

Makes the burden of feelings carried a weight of worth

The songs I sing and praise of love in Johannesburg










Poem 4

I wish to tremble with your touch

To desire, to fly in emotion in flames

Feeling the burning and seeing the bright

So as when I finish I return from wood to ash

Completely run through with embers so as

 Remains of which no life could be

Distinguished by the black resin of

Passion extinguished for the excess of

Air that fed the last morsel of life inhaled

The Tree No More

I decided to move out of the trees

Pinocchio nor raw wood no more

For I was tired of being written on

Of truths amongst trees of things that fall

Of which the world has no care for at all

Among them I had more than seen enough

Many of the same thing discussed anew

Of which I choose the rank and folly,

For a better view of humanity

Of which chaos is a great refuge for sanity

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