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This is my first book of poems, I hope you enjoy it and a Merry Christmas to all.

Love Ryan Anthony Gibson

Download Here: The Writing Seed By Ryan Athony Gibson

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The streets of Venice flooded today
Not by a butterfly’s wings but tears
In the Southern tip of Africa for lost love
Chaos is in a tear not a wing.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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Fallen In Love By Ryan Anthony Gibson

Why do we say to “fall in love”

It sounds as if I have landed on my head

Trailing headlong off a cliff

Not raising love or flying high above,

But a treble of words that imply

Like a dream or nightmare

You are hurling towards the matter

Of which there may be a chance you

Hit it and wake up… to reality.

But what if I am not fallen

As without love there is no lower place

It has raised me up rather,

I wonder if you are falling towards

Whether it scares you?

As I fly up from my mortal being,

I shall catch you as your attracting force

Propels me closer,

As if to have given me wings,

Of which your body finds me in a free fall,

To catch from a divine place, and

We shall suspended in equilibrium of forces

Caused by similar means

Float in and around the impact

Of it all, still in the air like art,

In one thought and interpretation,

Like a painting by Bougureau,

For us to be in and those to appreciate,

Who see what love is.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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heart broken,

passed a word as no words passing

but endless one way thoughts.

No matter my hardships,

no more as difficult as the emptiness

left by the void of love

when one could focus on a greater love.

A pilgram who did not interpret the dream correctly,

so I walk with the desire to try to interpret it again…

the dream.

The greater love is from there,

the direction clear,

the little sheppards gate

I must open.

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