Two. The stage was quite high today in my lecture and the lights didn’t allow me to see so well the crowd. I started with, “Yes, the World is difficult, but then so is any movement, and this one has in it the same element I disliked in all movements to this date and time – meanings lost in words typed, the narrow views narrowing in on my words, that which makes all words sound like those of a blasphemy, pointed out by the very bigoted machines playing slogans as their sound waves. But even though they do not let us finish what we started to say, and there has been a feeling that we have failed to make that necessary bridge, I feel I have more friends than enemies.”

Sadly I could hear from the darkness, “Siri what is a bigot” of which I heard “Let me check on that, I did not find anything on for “what is a bigot”, says the robotic voice and I realized I do not have to convince this generation or these critics, they are no more here to think for themselves than the words on this page have life without someone reading them.

All I can say is I am glad I am writing this down, I possibly cannot comprehend or not measure the degree of hostility or misunderstandings as well as you do. Those who understand are those who know the work, the work that I have done, all I have explained, all we have done. I hope some of these issues will be resolved in the interview I have on television, its my first interview on the TV. Practically speaking, it’s the psychotic anger and episodes some of bring, war, ugliness, gloom, doom, and hatred in all its effect. For this I would be surprized if all developing people are not brainwashed, programming for the worst by the worst theories of man, not the best, and add war-filled worlds. There are many parts to you dear friend that I want you to keep secret no longer, when I call on you I need you to be there. So many parts of you that are secret and hidden, that in this new public role I thrust on you to speak, which may be impossible and downright militant, but do not believe me, learn it yourself. Before, you faced all the things you have forgotten and why, possibly you didn’t take the time to do this, maybe it’s where you need to start now, for we are discussing that working on raising the quality of human beings would take care of the social evils, and my effort is worthwhile. Take the time to feel connected to the words on this page, connected to the fact your mission is not to give riches, but to show others riches to them. Giving each other the pleasure of a presence, the very foundation for the swallowing up of energy once we edit the experience and depth of what happened, and forget the parts dropped on the cutting floor.

Ok. I must admit, you must be frustrated with the movement, because to start with, we have given no space for you to speak, here we are giving you the opportunity to speak publicly yet we are now taking all the space and time up ourselves. A dream is a dream, and I must admit I have dreamt of you, like snap shots from a Camera going into the transcendence of infinite. Starting with every nook and cranny bursting with colours, a central light, and a crowd of faces of which all look like they are lit by candle. Musically, the world seems to be playing right along side of the first words you say, “We must accept the world as fat, we must accept it as not having one colour, we must accept that it is rich, and we must accept that there are poor, but truly I am thankful most of all for this building of which I can express humbly the matching of all we must accept, and so take a picture because this is just the beginning.” Flashes and bulbs bursting, digital triggers sounding, so many shots of you that posters could flood the streets, the internet, facebook, twitter, blogs, magazines, news publications, with so many more left over for future little work of a documentary of where it all began.

“I like the sound of my own voice”
Say it “I like the sound of my own voice”

Outloud, don’t worry people are going to think you are strange but the entire point of this is its your turn to start into this discussion, your turn to speak and say;
“I like the sound of my own voice. I like the sound of my own voice. I like the sound of my own voice, I like the sound of my own voice.

If you didn’t say this with all the conviction in your soul, assuming of course now would be a good time for you to show that soul and say it again with conviction.
Have you changed rooms? That’s ok, I never did like the idea of documentaries which focused exclusively on the central person, never moving from one room, and with endless talk. Possibly you should include going out to your friends, showing you’re walking around in the real world, possibly sitting in a coffee shop or at a desk, or in a plane traveling to the expansion of infinite possibilities.
So this is your free day, your free moment to talk. Where ever you are, I have the camera here, I have the notepad, possibly an inexperienced sound man, and of course my breasts, my smile, and the overwhelming desire to hear you talk. Tell me the artists you admired, the world that you live in, tell me about your most fascinating friends, inform me of how you feel about War and why. What is your dream, what dreams have you had, and what are their interpretations? Remember, we are childhood friends, discuss it with me, as I have been there.

End of Thought Two.

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