What began some would say was nothing, but it was origin,

Cosmic chemicals, forces, and thoughts that still spin,

A being, a thought, a god, a name all of the same,

For the great happening, revelation that came,

Origin of all origins, no words, no gravity, one law,

To float, collide, attract, and spin, the universal awe,

The source of all will, for there was no will to do anything,

And I believe that to be a great will to you I bring,

Such importance on the will to do something, to will,

But the very purpose of thought this does eventually kill,

For we create, become complex, engrossed in technology,

So young are we to think these are the answers, my apology,

And what gravity that weighs down on us from words,

Commissioners’ of words, cattle our minds like herds,

Government, Religion, Law, words of intelligent and absurd,

Or secret cultures, storing secrets, waiting for the third,

All this thought whereby they evolve in the wrong direction,

For it comes back to the origin, no thought, the correction.

And for this I throw down with words, and with you,

Expand your mind to the point of nothing, origin…true.

I misstate however that anyone could go in the wrong way,

Because infinity is where we perpetually all go some day.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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