Everyone. I am the voice of your heart and the window to your mind. Listen to me and you will hear your trueself. What has to be said must be said, absorb it into your subconsious, into the mind. The world offers dominion to all, the world offers what it has to give, you can not take what isn’t there, so there is no need for domination. Life may have its controls, but all controls can be used to help you achieve your own self peace. When you achieve your own personal tranquility of the mind, there will be no need for controls. If you allow the rest of the world to control your thoughts you are not equal you are dominated. How can you create equality, dominion, love and happiness in a world that will not let you release emotions. One can look into themselves and find the answers to what they seek and what the world has to offer. If you can not ask of yourself, than you have no control of your life, no understanding of what you can be. Together in unity, dominion can be achieved, if one uses their advantages to benefit others. If one uses their advantages to benefit others, we share our benefits and will reach the success of total equality of the mind. In contrast, to mental equality is physical. The physical states is a superficial states, in which the true self, the mind, uses as a host. Our physicical appearence does not help ourselves, it’s the belief in ourselves and others that is the key to be what we want to be. We can not be what we want to be if our mental state is scrambeled by others needs or beliefs. We must use our own beliefs and rise together, ensuring tranquility and “dominion for all.” It is time to open the mind and for the first time in your life make a decision, the decision to believe and trust yourself and your surroundings. Take away your mental controls and let your spirit run free. Now I shall leave but it is up to you to be yourself. If you can not be yourself than you are living dead and your mind is your prison. Release and accept and with that you shall have the ability to do what is in yourself to be. Free will.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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