Orchestra of the Sea

On the shore I could see,

The beautiful debris

That chattered pleasantly

In the waves of the sea


As if they were scattered

Across the land

Some were tattered

And grinded into sand


Although others shined

In the bright noon sun

Here I could find

The most beautiful one


A pearly pink shell

That I put in my palm

Its beauty made my heart swell

And the world seemed calm


Its beauty reminded me of

A petit little old lady

That truly loved, provoked memory

Who sang to me as a baby


She used to sing

To me when night came near

And to my ear I put the pearly thing

And the music again I did hear


Soft whispering Lula bye

That soothed a baby’s cry

Trapped in this shell

Where in my pocket it fell,


For now the songs will never cease,

Hidden away were the memories of peace,

Pour toujour j’ecouterai,

With me she will be for the rest of my days.

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