To Eva Tekeres 1996

My feelings are unavoidable,

Like darkness is when there is no light,

Its there as an ethereal connection to my life,

These feelings are so obvious to me,

When I close my eyes and look into the darkness,

And the feelings, the images, the emotion,

Pours out, and then I see your face,

And nothing else exists except you

I scour my mind through the blackness without you but

I keep coming back to you,

Because all I want is you,

If I didn’t my life would be doomed to wallow

In shades of the past and dreams that disappear into

The darkness, like the world does when you’ve stared,

At a beautiful beaming light for so long,

And to look away is to see nothing, to turn off.

If I have done something wrong it is because I was keeping the light on within you for me,

I need your light to fill me with love,

But if I can’t see the light,

At least let me know it hasn’t disappeared into the darkness

For my life is grimly potent and potent grimly

For existing in a blind abyss is non existence,

Without your brown hair and silky hands to hold me from falling.

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