What if I tried not to write about you By Ryan Anthony Gibson

If I really decided to write something other than loving you,

It would likely be about our obligation to be holy people,

To heal those and help those that we can,

Fend of those who need wrestling with our hands,

Wrestle with ourselves with divine intention, not contention,

Where we eventually find unity with all,

Such a grand topic that could make one feel small,

Until we realise we are all apart of each other now and at the point of intervention,

But then I would find a way to discuss how this makes our oneness last an eternity,

Just cycles of life, rebirth, heaven, the universe, pieces of infinity,

So that I can say I will love and be apart of you forever and you of me,

So I suppose it would be hard to keep my love for you from my poetry.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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