Gone that way, and a few other poems by Ryan Anthony Gibson

Gone that way

Tempt me not to begin my affections,

Not just another Jack or John,

For I can see your every perfection,

Or imperfections, and make them gone, 

Gone the way of things that have little weight,

Like plastic love and sand based hate,

The stuff that fills the cracks of life,

But doesn’t make the flesh of a wife.

Ryan Anthony Gibson

No name Poem

I’ve seen the dreams of many people,

Warriors, poets, all in one,

I’ve seen the cattle storm the steeple,

Or tanning in an African sun.

My dream to find and make simple,

All that is love, all I want,

Ever since my first kiss and pimple,

Seductive look or beauteous taunt,

Ever I asked, it was for love,

That’s all that matters up above.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

Like a Chupa Cabra

For my Mexican love I felt the most pain,

Something I could never find myself doing again,

I weighed the heavy burden of my soul,

On her entirely with my whole,

And manifested our separation in my mind,

A la cadabra,

Leaving nothing but a taste and mystery to find,

Like a chupa cabra.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

Quicksilver and Gold

Patched together the facts like making a quilt,

Family, history, love, secrets, guilt,

Now just papers that make up the contents of a box,

And in my heart it forms the locks,

But for every lock there is a key,

And this is what you mean to me,

So hope not for genesis or Pandora,

Rather a loving hue added to our aura,

Visible or invisible it all to me is matter,

With love, it all makes me mad as a hatter,

And so the thoughts of you inside or out I hold,

Like quick silver over Rocky Mountain gold.

Ryan Anthony Gibson

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