Two bloody african crane looking birds caused me to wake up this morning at 5 am, not even the sleeping pills could keep me down. Rather the pills provoked somewhat of an outerbody experience. I was drugged just enough to imagine these dinosaur like creatures… the last time I dreamed of dinosaurs I was five years old. At first, I had a vague feeling of helplessness and abduction… and then somehow I was floating outside of my window trying to scare them away by waving my hands at them. I remember coming back through the wall, and then I awoke completely.

Apparently two egyptian geese fly and land across the complex on someone elses roof, according to the old woman who runs maintenance. She said I am lucky they don’t come on our roof, as she walked away squaking and cooing, and hocking up things I rather not explain in an attempt to imitate the goose. I am glad not to have the geese after her display.

What a pleasure it is though, to hear birds in the morning right outside of your house in the city. I can’t remember the last time I was startled enough to wake up by a bird in Vancouver. However, these bloody things do sound like crows on a loud speaker…

I could make a comical play on words, with regards to birds. Maybe that I have not been hanging out with the right ones, or how there are certain ones that maybe woke me up in Vancouver. Something maybe about various sparrows from the prairies or BC that have managed to fly in and out of my dreams, but that would be cliche, because those who read my words would know I am writing about them. Therefore I will not play on these words. I could even play on words as far as having seen a very rare bird in BC that I have not seen for some time but captured in prose. One rare bird in particular whom I have forever taken a picture in my mind, and imagine waking me up in the morning. This type of imaginary bird would make the sounds of all other birds fathomable. Or at least one would think, if I were to play on such words, but I can’t because it would just make for lousy writing and a weak metaphor.

Therefore I will simply say that this morning when I awoke, in my drug hazed slumber, post outerbody experience, I thought about logging in and writing you. I have no regrets really for not spending more time with you, because in many ways, I think you know from my deepest sincerity as a friend, I am there like the very light that wakes you up in the morning or the one that keeps you up at night. The reality is, all you need to do is log in and say hello and I am here.

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