Robyn’s thoughts on his daughter

There are many ways to look at life, of which one is to see through your eyes,

I wish to hear your thoughts and see the world through you,

To understand brilliance and the making of someone wise,

Seeing into the past, present, and future from your view.

Somehow we can look far away into the unknown,

Peering somewhere and still be looking at your face,

No matter how big you have grown,

No sequential number could quantify amazing grace.

Your angelic physical presense does look like my sister and my niece,

And when I am with you I feel so much of loves overwhelming peace,

Walk with me as me and me as yourself my little one,

For one immortal moment for your children to pass on.

As if in a photograph captured in your genetic perfection,

A gift weaved into our family quilt of eternal life, it’s my affection.

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