Poem 1
Settling this compassionate soul for less
In the tempest of silence idle
Placid Emotions in emptiness
No reason for a smile in this riddle
Patience on earth I hail
Hammer on my head the anvil be
Knowing what was once could fail
Note the tyrants for what they see
In the highest state of appeal
Causing distance between you and me,
Hidden truthes and lies reveal,
A victim who insists to not be free
Powerless choices made to date
Set this stage for a broken fate.

Poem 2
I wish to have the power
To cleave the air with my hand
And open our two worlds for an hour
Is this to high a power to command?
To watch you through a looking glass
Child that walks in infant happiness
All the greatness of creation in one fleshy mass
Who hums in humble blissfulness
Its not to great a command I think
No greater power than to keep her far
Chain that holds us by an innocent link
Shackling our world to an imploding star,
The power pulls her great lengths from here
Such lengths that have been taken to force my tear…

To Cala, April 16th 2005
Ryan Gibson

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