A portion of my soul remains in pain for many reasons I can not explain,
Every day goes by wondering where you are and I can not complain,
Your ears are far and my eyes not good, so I look around in vain,
So I close my eyes and see your angel face in the sun so plain,
Recall my words, true so far, although seemingly insane,
I love you every moment of your life and beyond without refrain,
For the time’s been short if a moment in time we can contain,
For life to me, as I love so strong, on my heart I do strain,
As I walk away from the lonely place to lovers lane,
If love has a peak, than I suppose I am standing on its morraine.
The words in prayer that I say over and over in my romantic brain,
For the time to ask for ones hand for as long as I can in my soul again.

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