Welcome to the Airternet by Ryan Anthony Gibson

When will the day come when I can click on words as you say them,

Taking me to the meaning you give them,

Or maybe you are sponsored and the click takes me to a cool shop,

A world on-air, a word in air,

You could say the word clock, and I could click it with my finger or look at it,

Passing by and just open up a whole lot of clocks I like,

And somehow this world knows what I want,

It will just let me shop or give me meaning,

All I have to do is listen, mind click, and that’s it,

Maybe blink my eyes like I dream of Genie,

Maybe even my words could float through the air,

And I could just click them to,

Like I want to see you right now,

Blink, Click, there you are! You’re on air!

Ahhh welcome to the Airternet!

Can I add you as a friend?

All that from a word I suspend.

Ryan Anthony Gibson

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