I love words,

I have always loved them,

I love their meaning,

Especially in knowing the true meaning,

Or knowing the words that describe the abstract,

Not the object of who you are, no,

Regard the object as just that,

Something that has many parallels,

But the true meaning is only one abstract of the abstract,

As the truth is.

The truth of who you are in words,

What great meaning, what great love,

Outside of the person or inside of the person,

I love this meaning of which there is a word,

Disguised for most as an object,

Like a Word,

but is a word truly an object,

Are you aware of the most beautiful word in the world,

Because of its meaning,

I only wish to be with,

I only wish to hold,

and or pronounce,

I love,


For “you” is the meaning of my life,

The very thing I love in all words,

The very meaning of everything,

The value of any object in relation to,

For what I love in every word,

It is not an object

it is you.

I love the meaning of words,

I love words, especially you.

You is my favourite word,

For the meaning of it is much more profound,

And amazing than anyone could ever imagine,

Unless they know you as I do.

Ryan Anthony Gibson

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