The Beginning of the Crowd by Ryan Anthony Gibson

A concept in the making, the choice to be in business with love,

I landed on my bum very hard and I can’t sit well, I bruised my tail bone,

Wine, soup, vegetable soup, warmed up, my little white dove,

With my friend, I feel I move forward and definitely not alone,

So sail our thoughts in tandem, with more weight than strings can bare,

However dangerous, I feel safe in our mutual comfort and care,

Shapes of pyramids, healing thoughts, ethereal dimensions reached,

Aided by combustible and liquid satisfaction that mystics teached,

Our success and happiness seems to be deep within this secret leached,

From this boat we call life that wishes to float around, not beached,

We are up for a long journey, we are going crazy, we are not normal,

We have no source of revenue accept our faith in paranormal,

But our answer will be found in quantum physics and smiles,

Come visualize with us so we can all reach this spot in a while,

Or are we already there, is it here, is it the seat of this chair,

On the stoop of great contemplation, another step, another stair.

Can you see it, like the steps of the great Greek philosophy,

Who visualized the earth and how it could be, itself a prophecy,

Together we are the creators of our future, together a culmination,

So starts the very fun and loving crowd of our beautiful new Nation.

Ryan Anthony Gibson

From time to time we need some kind of change, what we are doing right now.

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