Suicide King

Would you believe me

if I told you what I know,

The you could see

The hand that pulls the bow

Yes I did tell him,

That fate would make him king,

But it’s up to them,

To accept that which life will bring,

So listen carefully,

Only fools do not know what they are told,

Life is a kingdom,

Full of bastards that think they are gold,

But in my eyes,

There are no immortals,

For ones beginning

Marks the end of another’s soul,

And I will be chanting,

Death to all yee foes,

And all of thee who know,

The world is not fair but foul,

And foul seems fair until you fall,

A rising kind who cannot stand tall

A hanged man, peasant, or king,

All in one, fate does the murdering,

To have the power,

Is to know that you are right,

But to fall from the tower,

Shine all doubts bloody bright,

So wash your hands off,

After you eat the meat

And if dinner wasn’t enough,

Kill another for a kings feast,

For to get ahead is to fall behind,

To stay behind, is to be benign,

So jump you forward instead,

With surety to lose your head,

Can’t you see now,

What my harvest will sow,

Burying all your friends and foe,

Who in the world would ever know.


Written By Ryan Anthony Gibson March 1996, based on Macbeth

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