To embark upon such things that for once you feel alive,

Past the tyranny of commissions, courts, and Government opportunists,

But to find in some way a noble pilgrimage based on love, a true drive,

Gone are poets who write or live, brow-beaten by journalists,

Confound to the words that they have lost appreciation for and meaning,

I come to understand the idea of terror and the war against it, cleaning

And with appreciation and love I embrace the terror,

As one would expect from any person looking in the mirror,

The time has come for a massive event of good intention,

An explosion of sorts, of love, poetry, change, honourable mention,

So far away from the stifling bureaucrats begging for extinction,

For my world has exploded into many pieces I must mention,

A world I didn’t even know was mine until the vast lack thereof love,

By her, by them, by many, waiting with the dagger above,

To drop the knife on he who had not guessed or known his fate,

Unaware of his impending massive explosion of love and a date,

That it all began, this day, the day we call the paradigm shift,

A clean slate for all those who act out of love and act swift,

For if you drop clean meat into the earth it becomes dirty,

Effort to clean something, to love, an action that is worthy.

So here I find myself asking you to love me not attack,

Forgive, embrace, care for me and I will love you back.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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