crack the oysters, the chocolate wrappers, port and gentleman jack,

sweet smells of carmel and your enchanting perfume,

no reason to look behind or ever look back,

for only us we need to attend and consume.

lavendar oils that chase the pains up and down the body,

with the melting hands and touch like a sweet melody

so that we could be too foggy for days to listen to what they are saying

so we can slow down and make no sense of the crooked praying,

and just make love all over the kitchen floor,

oh don’t you know I am coming back knocking on your door,

with a cloth to wipe away all your tears,

and take you away from all your fears,

like the twing of the right tune on a guitar,

the next strings played makes us who we are,

and I can’t lie that I have been keeping score,

and know that I am ready for more!

By Ryan Gibson August 21st 2009

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