Off or On the Shelf – By Ryan Anthony Gibson

What do we say, if we don’t look both ways,

All we have is not much but ourselves,

On occasion we have each other, like shelves,

To store matter on until we take it away,

A book I wrote with you, the ending does change

Stretching love and the future out of range

The sound of the cars underway,

off the bridge between the city and the highway

Head out and see where it goes I suppose,

Within the City the bustle and the blows,

I need to wrap myself up and wipe my bloody nose,

Break myself off from the murder of crows,

And decide whether I take my book with me,

Or leave it on the shelf to write in someday solemnly,

Life charges you like airlines for extra weight,

The baggage I have to ask do I need the freight,

Or do I just leave it behind, can I,

Or should I carry our book around and why,

Give me a good reason, give me one,

Or is this book done and can never be undone.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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