My Childhood Love

My childhood was often sitting on the corner,

Watching life go by on occasion sopping up,

A cup of cool-aid and or flat soda water,

That drains from my teary eyes,

Because I thought she liked me,

But she will not do it, she will not love me,

We both got in the bathtub and giggled once,

We thought this must be making love,

Then sitting on the porch we kissed,

I shared with her my fries and Big Mac,

And a little bit with a wild cat,

But now I sit on the corner, slinging for a buck

So I can buy her candy from the corner store,

The more I give her she loves me more,

But for now I am sad and poor,

For yesterdays chocolates I am broke,

Where now I need the time to restore.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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