Shining visions from the moonlight

Of  that warm heart of affection 

Our search for more delight

Through her mind of flowing passion

Her hair glowed in the night

As she moved in her eleoquent fassion

I lay wondering about her beauty

Dreaming of her love

Waiting for our unity

Where are hearts could could rise above

Clearly she is a beautiful person

As soon she will be together

With this admiring companion

I’ll just visualize and believe

And we will find what we want to achieve


I feel though I were Miranda

Looking naively a the travelers afar

Be wildered and capture in awe,

O brave new world I saw

A cherublin of providence divine

Dilated the pupil to my mind

If  I could write the beauty of her eyes

And in fresh numbers number all hergaces

The age to come would say this poet lies

Such heavenly touches newer touched entirely faces

I could compare her to a summer day

But summer days do fade away

I could try to describe her warm with time

But what would she take  I match with mine

My only hope is to preserve her in my thoughts

For no novel or poem could depict the beauty caught

Her honey breathe still infects my nose

And from her kisses my checks still glow

Her presence made me stay worth while

And her silver tongue left me in eternal smile

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