Twinkle, twinkle little star,

From my heart you are not far,

From the dust does make me whole,

Carbon core like smouldering coal,

I ask of you where is she now,

And gloweth thee in my shadowed vow,

A breath of air and ions disperse,

Lifting mine lonely curse,

I cuddle thee not unproud,

No suffocation, a lover’s shroud,

But just to feel your presence on cue,

Quantum particles, probably, true,

And act I do, secure the nest,

As I place your hand on my chest,

And ask for you to feel the beat,

Rest your head and fall asleep,

This is the rhythm what feels right,

Movement makes a cheek go bright,

Feeling, hearing, pumping, us around,

Here is where your twinkle’s found.

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