Do I love her

Can you truly love one

Maybe its a desire

No its more, we have a bond

And I enjoy her, maybe I admire

Her, the elegance, spirit and compassion

Am I becoming obsessed

With her environment.

Do I perceive her as a goddess

I don’t believe this is what I meant

By admiration, I’m proud

Proud of the love I found

I  wonder if she truly loves me

Can she love a single entity

Maybe I am just a toy

That she plays with while she’s bored

Can it be that I’m annoying

And playing hr chords

Can she only stand small douses

Of my over powering love,

Just enough to arouse her

Without consuming to much


No I think she loves me.

She watches my every step

But her stare always In my eyes

Caringly she rest her head on my chest

When together time seems to fly bye

Oh well I love her

She will never leave my arms

She shall never loose her charm

Although this is to clench fro the nineties

Does love really happen this way

Is this the way it develops

In sporadic moment passion

Do I love her

Can you truly love one

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