A glance of monumental perfection,

A shape of undulating affection,

Her deep moving eyes,

So tender and wize,

Emulate, aura of passion,

If beauty spoke words,

Then from her I heard,

The angels, harps ringing,

Venus valiantly singing,

As a million men’s hearts were spurred.

Oh, from where was she created,

From Aphroditis she was elevated,

Fit to be a God’s bride,

By a man she stands beside,

The mirror image of Bouguereau,

For once I fear death that’s true,

Icon of imagination, a concept, a view,

An angel on earth before death, in lieu.

Or now, a Demon of Dante’s Inferno,

Divine beauty to falter human ego,

Exploit the man’s flaw

For what a vision I saw,

Her love is evidently pure

She lifts me, like near dead to cure.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson

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