These poems are part of Sections, each poem is named the section, SEC 0-9, 0 is before my daughter was born, 1 is year one, etc. My daughter turned 9 on September 9 2009 and therefore, I compiled this sectional grouping of poems for her on that day and during my travels going to Canada by plane after her birthday.


Before your entry onto earth I heard your voice,

My Cala, my little girl, by my own choice,

I often spoke to you telling how much I can love,

To try to convince your soul to come down from above,

And when I discovered within your mom you did go,

Through my entire body such happiness did flow,

I massaged and sang to your mommy every night,

And read poems so that someday you may write.

Ryan Anthony Gibson- thought from Feb. 2009 age 21

SEC. 1

So with four seasons does a year pass,

Where memories pile up in the looking glass,

The sparkling of life in your big brown eyes,

Your humor and love of your parental ties,

In one year I feel all the more loved and wise,

As I hold you, and feed you, and stop your cries,

With such attention and affaction you hold my hand,

Where time stands still, suspending sand.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson- September 2001, age 23


You asked for me this morning at 5 am again,

“Daddy, Daddy” echoed on the walls, heart sent,

No matter how tired, there is never a strain,

To leave my bed and lay with you I went,

“Bottle, bottle” you most likely will ask,

Happily I pour, warm, complete the task,

Watching as you rub one ear and stare,

Or close your eyes as I twirl your hair,

We become tired and back to sleep with drift,

Remember these moments, the heart does lift.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson – September 2002 age 24


The dawn arrives for your first days in school,

We all feel a part of where we are from these days,

A part of my childhood, neighbourhood, process of renewal,

Excitement of belonging to Canada is in your gaze,

An emersion of not only two languages,

but, 0f nationality, culture, timeless ages,

From downtown, Shaunessy, and and lastly East Van,

Grows my little girl that makes your Daddy a man.

Ryan Anthony Gibson- Thought June 2003 age 25


It’s hard to rize up when I do not see your eyes,

I try to work my hardest remembering our good byes,

Someday I wish yyou to know that I never let you go,

But let you support your mommy on behalf of you and me, and so,

I hoped we could somehow pull it all back together,

Give her a break so she could love me forever,

Where once our life and love required no translation,

Feeling iliterate now, lack luster of love’s disintegration,

I call you on the phone and in my dreams,

I yell your name, to hear you answer in screams,

I pray to God to surround you with white light,

Hold you in my love, you shine in his sight,

His hands to cat for me almighty father,

Ensure I always have a connection with my daughter.

Ryan Anthony Gibson, A though on Mid 2005 age 26


Just sitting with you, talking, playing,

Your eyes eager, ears list to what I am saying,

Being a part of each other, soaked in our attendance,

Feeling each others love, choked by lack of presence,

That now I just enjoy your ever essence,

I call your name and you answer with pleasants,

The answer for all of my time of praying,

A summer with you for life my heart it’s staying.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson, Thought September 2005 age 27


Layers peel away from pain to love inside,

Where deep beneath the rage, confusion, I hide,

One hug, one kiss, or night of listening to you breath,

Out pouring and gone of unreal thoughts to seethe,

Nothing unreal can hurt you, as I now can see,

Only thing real is the love beween you and me.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson, July 2006, age 28


I find comfort in being 30,000 feet in the air,

So far from all of the confusion and despair,

So many jetset memories, you and I alone,

Traveling back and forth, foreign lands to home,

Our place far away from a throwing stone,

Far from a prisoner trapped in old Rome,

So we sleep, we hug, prepare thoughts to do,

Whenever I fly, I can only think of you.

By Ryan Anthony Gibson, thought sept. 2007 age 29


We pan the waters for Rocky Mountain Gold,

In the shallow corner of a river, where the water slows,

Sifting through the minerals, pebbles, rocks, we hold,

Time passing between us as an endless current flows,

Trying to register this moment for fear it washes away,

As we smile and play, I know its sure to stay,

We are not a sponge, but one part river, and one part stone,

Rounded by experiences and thoughts, particles together not alone,

Oh we are all one when we become like this beautiful sand,

With the speckles of gold dust that shimmers in our hand.

Ryan Anthony Gibson, thought September 2008 age 30


We have the same little devilish laugh I laughed,

The art to say what’s on your mind, in a craft,

Hear all, see all and understand so much the same regardless of distance and land,

Your must sometimes laugh with your mother,

For you have all the characteristics of humor and love your father,

So soaking you in time steeped with my love, its enough,

Where we sometimes wrestle and our irish playtime is rough,

Our kinestitic souls feel completely in tune,

I love you, I miss you, I will see you soon.

Ryan Anthony Gibson, Sept 2009, age 31

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